Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Probably Tough to Find Curtains

DB~ stumbled on this story from the New York Times about a Pittsburgh couple that built quite an avant-garde house in Pittsburgh. Click the link and check out the slideshow. Go ahead, I'll wait. (*checks email) (*refreshes MLB Trade Rumors for the 8,156th time to see if the Burnett trade is final) (*thinks about what to make for dinner)

Pretty sweet, huh? As long as your bag of tea is a glass and steel cantilevered box of a house. The story is that the empty nest couple wanted to live in the City and have a cool house. They also wanted to be close to the husband's glass factory business. They took those two things to their maximum extent by building their new home DIRECTLY over top of the business. The house cantilevers out quite a bit from the facade of the business, so that is quite a transfer beam running through there at some point.

The Zielinski's own Emerald Art Glass in the South Side, so they get a picturesque view of people peeing on cars on Carson Street and the muddy waters of the mighty Monongahela passing by them each morning and evening.

All snark aside, I would love to live in an industrial steel and glass house like this. It's ballsy and is a definite showpiece. I wonder if the decorations are as spartan as shown in the slide show or if that was just for the news piece? You certainly must be willing to surrender your privacy to live in a place like this.

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