Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm Sure the Gel is Oddly Soothing

DB~ stumbled on this odd little website and passed on this link to a futuristic bleeding edge design studio. This idea is to use nanotech robots to cool food in a mind-blowing refrigerator.

The food would be held in place through surface tension principles. There are no doors or drawers. Each piece of food placed in the "fridge" would be encapsulated in its own gel capsule. Since the nano-bots absorb the energy on the infrared scale on a nano-scopic level, the whole refrigerator would only be 9 inches deep, thus freeing up huge amounts of space.

Since there are no doors or drawers, you would be able to place the refrigerator either vertically or horizontally -- although I'm not sure why horizontal would be a good idea.
The obvious benefit is that it has no moving parts and requires no power, so it would be silent and green. Which is oddly close to Soilent Green....which was made of people....wait....what exactly is that gel made of again?

I'm sure that once you get past the notion of reaching your hand into a gooey biomass of nanoscopic robots that are circulating and holding up the food you will eventually put in your mouth that this will catch right on with the public.

I'll reserve my nanorefrigerator at Best Buy for delivery in 2058.

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  1. I'd like to be the first to welcome our new biomechanical nano overlords.