Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Going back to Kingston

I gave DB~ carte blanche to select whatever she wanted to eat. She wanted to reminisce over our trip to Jamaica we took back in March 2010, so she went with Jamaican night.

I bought a jerk chicken marinade that was just spicy enough to get your attention, but not ridiculous. I marinated some chicken tenderloins at the start of the morning so they were good and marinated by dinner time. For the side dishes, I went with a simple box of herb roasted chicken rice. Technically, it should have been white rice I guess, but that can get boring.

I wanted an island-feeling side dish, so I saw some plantains at Giant Eagle. I took the peels off of the them, cut them in half width wise and then cut each half LENGTH wise (twice) to get plaintain "planks". I fried them in some oil for 1-1/2 minutes each side, until they get just a little brown, then I dusted them with cinnamon to give some taste to the kind of plain taste.

The finishing touch was serving it all with Red Stripe. Swim up bars + Red Stripe in Jamaica = one stumbling good time on vacation. We toned it down considerably, of course, only having 2 each.

Big ups to Tony, who made the fish for us, and Geraldine who braided DB~'s hair. One love. Respec'.

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