Saturday, February 4, 2012

Avacado - Apple Slaw

It's happened slowly. Almost imperceptibly. Like a whisper of a notion daydreamed by the wind.

I'm slowly becoming a vegetarian, I fear. DB~ is a wannabe vegetarian who will one day go Full Veggie. Through osmosis and the transient property of food consumption, that means I'm adopting vegetarian tendencies, too.

DB~ has been on a nice run of finding recipes, primarily through the website Real Simple, and last week she found a good one for fish tacos. We made them with tilapia, but the real star of the show was the Avacado-Apple slaw that was the primary topper on the fish.

I cubed one avacado, diced up one peeled Granny Smith green apple, dashed on some chili powder, and sprinkled salt. I forgot to buy a lime to squeeze over top, but I'll do that next time for sure.

The apple gave it some crunch, while the avacado was smooth and creamy. We added some colby cheese and sour cream on top of the fish tacos in the soft shells.

The sad part to me is that I really don't miss red meat that much. I still love pork and can't ever see giving that up, but aside from a stray burger here and there, I don't eat red meat anymore. In a blue moon, I'll splurge and have a steak. But overall I don't mind a predominantly vegetarian diet.

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