Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winghart's -- South Side

On Saturday, DB~ wanted to see American Hustle and grab dinner beforehand.  Once we saw the times, we felt like going to South Side Works to check it out.  To my surprise, my borderline-vegetarian wife suggested we go to Winghart's.  Even more surprising, she wanted to taste the delicious flesh of ground up cow.  That's right -- she wanted a burger.

I was pretty excited to go.  I've heard good things about Winghart's down in Market Square.  We got to Winghart's early around 5:30 p.m. and were one of just a few seated tables.  We had a really nice server with a very bubbly personality.

We ordered the Pepperoni Roll (a DB~ favorite) as an appetizer.  Sadly, it did not show up until the main dishes came to the table.  That's always a mark against for me.  I don't want to power down a bunch of food all at once.  I'm not Joey Chestnut over here.

For dinner, I went with the Market Square Burger (minus mushrooms), which had gruyere cheese and bacon on it.  It was quite good, but here's my issue.  For $8.75, I want something other than a burger.  Some fries.  Some chips.  A pickle.  Anything.

You can get fries for $2.75 and they're big enough for 2 people, but c'mon.  Fries and a burger for basically $10.25?  No way.  Man, I'm getting super cranky as I progress through my 30's about pricing.

DB~ got a Lonely Burger (plain burger) but gave it a friend with a piece of provolone cheese.  This was going to be an interesting experiment.  I haven't seen her eat a whole burger in a very, very long time.  Her burger was a touch greasier than mine and it threw her off her game.  She ate about half of it and then turned its inevitable demise over to me.

The clincher for us on why we didn't like Winghart's was how dirty the bathrooms were according to DB~.  All in all the slow service, lack of value, and dirty bathrooms totally turned us off from visiting another Winghart's.


  1. So. Greasy. It was oozing out the back of the burger and down my hand. The grease even took the cheese with it as it slithered out the back. I know I am not a carnivore by any means, but ew. Plus none of the women's stalls would close...Boo! ~

  2. Joey Chestnut? I'd have pegged you for more of an Ed "Cookie" Jarvis type.