Sunday, February 2, 2014

Over The Bar

On Saturday night, DB~ suggested we try the new restaurant at the North Park Boathouse called Over The Bar.  It's a bicycle themed restaurant, so I was totally out of my element, as I'm not a person that chooses to pursue transit on only two wheels.

The restaurant was a previously unused (or at least underused) space by Allegheny County Parks and Rec.  Apparently, they gave a ton of money to the owners of OTB to facilitate the creation of the restaurant, by way of new kitchen equipment and remodeling.

The restaurant itself is divided into three distinct seating areas.  There's the inner ring of small two person booths and a handful of four person tables.  The middle ring is an outer area under a roof, but during these cold months it is enclosed with plastic sheeting to protect from the elements.  The outer ring is the at-the-moment unused outdoor seating with a perfect view looking down the length of the lake.  As DB~ said, it will be impossible to get a seat here on a nice summer day/night.

For dinner, DB~ selected the Pedal Paddle Panini.  It's a sandwich with mozzarella, basil, tomato, and peppers.  She added chicken for $3 extra and admitted that it wasn't worth it because the amount of chicken was so small.

At OTB, you can get any of their burgers in either ground meat, ground turkey, or black bean, no matter what it says on the menu.  I chose the Trail Steward, which was topped with avacados, pico de gallo and pepper jack.  I chose the fries as my side.

The food itself was average.  If you go in expecting bar food, good beers, and a great view, especially after you just went kayaking, zip lining, or jogging, then you'll be fine.

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  1. "Pedal Paddle Panini?" Oy.

    You didn't opt for the "Pathfinder Pita with Tricycle Ttzatziki."