Sunday, January 2, 2011

Urbanspoon App - you feelin' lucky?

DB~ is a diehard iPhone user. She lives and breathes all things Apple, especially her Mac. I'm secretly resisting the iPhone, trying to soldier on with my Samsung Omnia. But it's tough sometimes with all the great apps she has for the iPhone.

One of them is the Urbanspoon app. Many of you probably know about the website Urbanspoon, an online site that allows users to rate and review restaurants. The site also allows the user to find restaurants by ethnicity, price range, and location.

This handiness has been captured by the Urbanspoon app. One of the best features is the "slot machine" aspect of the app. There are three columns that can spin independently. There's "location", "food ethnicity", and "price". You can click the button and it will spin each column to randomly select a restaurant for you. We have done this twice in the year-plus she has had the app and been very pleased both times. If you are feeling less apt to leave things to chance, you can lock in columns as well. Say you wanted to stay in East Liberty. You just lock East Liberty in the column. You can lock in the price range and/or the food ethnicity, as well.

If you are a slave to the iPhone or a closet foodie, this app is a must-get. Or you can just leech off your more techno-savvy significant other. Like me.

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