Friday, January 7, 2011

Sharp Edge - makes up for the Remodeling Show bust

DB~ and I got two free tickets to the Remodeling Show at the Convention Center as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. We're kind of tied up on Saturday and Sunday, so we decided to venture into Pittsburgh after work to check this scene out.

blah. Not even a blah with a capital B.

It's like a scaled down version of the Home Show, due in February I believe, which itself can get repetitive. I many hot tubs, paving stone for an outdoor patio, and deck suppliers do you REALLY need to see? I was hoping to make the Remodeling Show the crux of the post tonight, but it sucked, so I was already mentally composing a post about a different topic.

After the show, DB~ and I went on hunter/gatherer mode for food. We knew we wanted to eat on Penn Avenue close to the Convention Center, but didn't want to spend a lot of money (Seviche and Sonoma Grille were out). We were intrigued by the August Henry Saloon, but The Squiggle had a hankering for a Hoegarten so we walked a few more feet to the new Sharp Edge Bistro downtown.

Their beer selection is nearly unparalled in Pittsburgh. DB~ got her Hoegarten and I had some type of raspberry-flavored beer that started with a W. It was pretty good to have just one of them, but it was a touch too sweet.

As for our food, DB~ had the Chicken Avacado Club Panini with frites. She found it messy and hard to hold, but tasty. I'm pretty sure you could crack open a barrel of radioactive waste from Chernobyl, put some avacados on it, and she would say it was "delightful, with a tad bit too much of an aftertaste".

I went with a ground chicken burger with pepper jack cheese, red onion strands, some guac, and a fantastic cilantro-poblano pesto smear on the bun (with frites as well). We both really liked mine.

Overall, Sharp Edge on Penn Avenue is an outstanding place to have a drink (or 5) after work, but the food was so-so. The frites are nothing compared to Point Brugge in Regent Square, Sharp Edge also is going for the Belgian angle of food. In fact, this Sharp Edge had 4 mussel dishes on the menu and neither of us thought the other ones had them.

Speaking (typing) of people there after work, there was a table of dirty hippie environmental-type people jammed into a corner near the bar. We were wondering what type of non-profit, outdoorsy organization they worked for. We were both fascinated, me a little bit more, by the one girl's curly and bushy hair. The crazy was just spiraling out of her skull and all over the place. DB~ was pretty sure that no brush had visited that hair this week. There were also a couple of young mid-20's investment banker/lawyer types staking out a prime spot by the bar to mentally undress every woman that passed within a 20 foot radius of them. I can only imagine what lucky lady gets to spend the night with one of them.

All in all, for a bitter cold night in my least favorite month of the year, it was a pretty decent Friday. Nothing spectacular, but we got out of the house and did a little urban exploring of sorts.

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