Friday, December 31, 2010

Bob's Garage - Come for the freakshow, stay for the sandwiches

A few weeks ago, a couple of work guys and I checked out Bob's Garage for lunch off Freeport Road in the nexus between the Waterworks and Blawnox. The one guy was waiting for the other two of us to walk into Bob's Garage (neither of us had been there) just to see the looks on our faces. When we walked in, the guy waiting for us said we had classic "What the f&$*?!" expressions.

If you haven't had the pleasure of going to Bob's Garage, it is currently decorated for Christmas. And by decorated, I mean it looks like Santa Claus exploded inside of the place. Every square inch of the exterior, interior, ceiling, and bar area is covered in some type of Christmas decoration. We asked the bartender how long it took them to do this and he told us it took 4 people, 10 days, working from 2 am to 8 am every night. That's 240 man-hours.

Surprisingly, the food is also halfway decent, too. This post isn't going to go into the culinary delights and ambiance of Bob's Garage. It's just a good place to grab a sandwich (their reubens are fantastic) and enjoy the garish nature of the decorations.

I was telling DB~ about this place and she was curious to check it out. We got some gift cards to Taipei, right down the street from Bob's, so after dinner on Wednesday we popped over to Bob's. She took the picture above and poked her head in as well. She was just as stunned as I was.

I've been driving by this place for years and never knew about it. It has no noticeable sign saying Bob's Garage and is non-descript to begin with. Aside from this time of year. Rumor is that they decorate for St. Patrick's Day and other holidays, but Christmas is definitely their time to shine.


  1. I must say.....I have never considered using the term "nexus" for anything that is nestled between The Waterworks Mall and Blawnox.

    (Okay, maybe I have considered using it once or twice when I was contemplating the epicenter for vintage, but still in weekly use, "One For The Thumb" t-shirts from 1979. But other than that....)

  2. The part I forgot to mention in the post is that ex-NJ Devil Lyle Odelein (he of the "Cornelius" slam by Matthew Barnaby) is a regular there. I didn't realize he played his final season here and he fell in love with O'Hara. He found Bob's Garage and hangs out there all the time.

    He was there the day I was there, too. So tempted to drop a Cornelius on him, but getting beat down by a late 40 something man was not high on the list of things to do.