Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thai Foon

I was in the midst of a DBS Saturday (while DB~ was teaching a workshop), which consists of completing a chore list then watching bad movies and English Premier League "soccer", when I got a text at 3:30:

"Got done early.  Want to meet for dinner at Robinson?"

I double-checked the time to make sure that I hadn't blacked out, but it really was still 3:30.  DB~ wasn't supposed to home until around 6 pm.


"Gravity 3D is at 5:50"

Ah, dinner and a date night!  All right.  We'll watch Gravity and then go out somewhere and make a night of it...

"Can you meet at 4:30?"

Whazzuh?!  We're both in our mid-30's.  Now we're going to have a blue-hair special dinner and a matinee movie, be home by 8 pm?  We became 65 year olds so gradually I didn't even notice it happening.

I suggested we check out Thai Foon right around the corner from the Cinemark theater at Settler's Ridge.  DB~ loves Chinese food, especially the Sesame Inn, but she has a reticence about Thai that I can't figure out.  I think she thinks every dish comes out and makes you breathe fire, when the opposite is actually true.  Yes, it can get spicy if you ask them to, but Thai has a much more interesting palette of flavors than Chinese, which can be very heavy.

Thai basil, cilantro, coconut, peanuts, just to name a few.  To say nothing of the curry dishes that are staples.

My goal for dinner was to get my adventurous/yet-not-adventurous wife to order something other than her favorite safe choice of Pad Thai.  Mission accepted.

Not surprisingly, we got a table right away at 4:30.  Thai Foon doesn't have much in the way of interior decor, aside from two interesting circular tables set off to the sides in their own little private nooks.  Yellow is the national color of Thailand, due to its association with good luck, and the walls here were a golden color.

The menu was pretty standard Thai stuff - curries, noodles, soups, some spicy dishes, but one item's name caught my eye:

I really did a double take -- Jap Chap?  In the words of Archer....phrasing?

Periodically, I need to be reminded that I don't care for certain things.  After trying bubble tea in Montreal with DB~ (waaaaay back in 2009 when we first was actually our first "trip" together), I thought that I was good on checking bubble tea off my list.

But there it was last night.  And you got to check off little boxes on what flavor you wanted and the types of tapioca!  I went with Mango and standard tapioca.  I wanted to sample it throughout the meal, but it didn't come out until our dinners were served, so I was sort of forced to chug it, which is not something bubble tea is meant for.

For dinner, I was (again) completely out-ordered by DB~.  She never really drifted towards Pad Thai, but she was putting up a lot of "play it safe" vibes.  She eventually ordered the Udon noodles with Chicken.  It had such a great flavor base and the Udon noodles were chubby and perfectly cooked.  Just the right amount of vegetables to complement the Udon, not overwhelm them.

I went with the Honey Coated Walnut with Chicken.  Mine had a cream sauce (which it said on the menu), but after eating it I just didn't feel like I was at a Thai restaurant.  It was pretty heavy and the cream congealed a little towards the end of the meal.

Overall, I would definitely come back, especially prior to a show.  It's quick service and located a few feet from the entrance to the movies.  Way better than waiting in line at some of the other chain type restaurants at Settler's Ridge (it's a good thing my parents don't read this blog, as they're obsessed with Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, which I find "eh").

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to race DB~ to the fridge to claim the rest of her Udon noodle dish.


  1. And your thoughts on Gravity?

  2. Gravity is a technical marvel and worth seeing in the theatre on the biggest screen possible. We saw it in 3D, which added to the experience.

    It is light on story, as it functions as an introspective meditation by Sandra Bullock.

    It shouldn't be Best Movie, but it should crush Cinematography and Bullock should get nominated for Actress.