Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DBS Euro Trip 2013 - Borough Market, London

There's a term among food blogs referring to the pictures as "food porn".  Well, while we were in London we went to the equivalent of a "food gangbang" in the form of the Borough Market.  It's located just downriver from the Southbank District, nestled in this section of open air warehouses and under a bridge.

We were greeted by a vendor selling hard cider, which we immediately purchased.  At 8% alcohol on a hot day, this immediately went to our heads after we chugged it a little too quickly.  The rest o the market was alcohol-free for us, but no less exciting.

When I ask DB~ what she wants me to pick up at Giant Eagle for dinner, it's mostly "chicken" or "fish" -- when the London version of DB~ could say she wants me to pick up a "zebra burger" or a "springbok burger" or a "kangaroo burger".  Among many other exotic cuts of meat at this one butcher stand.  The fish mongers were out of control as well.

Teas, coffees, desserts, fruit, breads.  And cheeses....oh, there were cheeses.  We stopped to get a sample from a nice Swiss gentleman at a stand.  He shaved pieces of a hard cheese right into our hands and we sampled it.  It was a hard goat's milk cheese with a finishing kick of black pepper.  It would be PERFECT as a finisher on pasta.  This cheese was called a Gesper Knoll and a small 3 oz ball of it was 28 Sterling Pounds (around $40 U.S.), so....yeah, it's 'spensive.

There were some many Londoners here for lunch.  What a lucky bunch of limeys to be able to just walk over for lunch to this worldwide smorgasbord.  There were massively huge skillets of paella and curries that were no lie at least 5 foot in diameter.  And they could barely keep them full the demand was so high.

For lunch, DB~ chose a small mushroom and veggie pie from a stand called Pie Minister (she laughed about this name all day long...I could say it to her right now and she would chuckle).

I had two different things.  The first were some vegetarian dumplings from a small Asian stand that was insanely busy.  The second was a pork and Stilton cheese burger on a Brioche bun.

Not only was this my favorite thing in London (tough call, because I loved London), it was my favorite thing on the whole trip.  There were things in the other cities that were very inspiring and impressive, but in terms of pure favorite this was it.

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  1. I just chuckled out loud at the Pie Minister comment! I have more pix. I'l send them to you and you can add them if you'd like. Thanks for an amazing trip! ~