Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sewickley Hotel

On Saturday, DB~ and I wanted to take advantage of the seasonally nice weather and enjoy the sunshine.  We drove over to Sewickley and checked out some of the shops along the main drag of Beaver Street.  There's a lot of great little local shops down there, especially a great independent bookstore called Penguin Bookshop.  There are a couple of empty storefronts, including one that says "Buy Local.  Shop Sewickley." -- right next to a Starbucks on the corner.  Someone either has a wicked sense of humor or the definition of irony is lost on them.

For lunch we wanted to go someplace new, so we stopped into the Sewickley Hotel.  As per their menu, the building was built in the 1890's as a waystation for weary travelers, but ceased being a hotel in the 1950's.  Now it provides lunch and dinner featuring an eclectic menu that has Asian, French, and American influences.

I was in the mood for some cured meats, so I went with the Reuben and home fries.  It was a great Thousand Island dressing and the sauerkraut wasn't overly bitter.  The marbled bread was fantastic and just the right texture for the lean corned beef.

DB~ went with the Crab Melt, which was crab meat, artichoke hearts, and melted Cheddar cheese melted over tomato slices and served open face with fries.

The interior of the restaurant is a little dated, with the heavy wood still in effect from the original look of the bar, but I suppose you don't mess with tradition.  Our server was a little indifferent, especially when it came to clearing dishes and refilling drinks.  The Sewickley Hotel also hosts live music three nights a week, so maybe we'll check that out too.

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