Saturday, November 10, 2012

Move PGH Presentation

After going to Union Pig and Chicken on Wednesday, I met up with my friend Steve to check out the public presentation by Move PGH, the group looking at the transportation needs for the City in the future.  Their report focused on three separate areas: pedestrian/bicycle, road/bridge, and transportation.

The consultants from AECOM put on a decent enough Powerpoint presentation and then took some questions from the approximately 20 people in attendance at the Carnegie Library in East Liberty.  The bicycle contingent was full of earthy, crunchy people and that's a world I just can't relate to.

I spent most of the post-presentation session at the other two layout tables that had the road/bridge improvements and transportation improvements on large maps.  You could directly write your comments on them, commenting on the projects that scored the highest and would be the funding priority.  I put down my suggestion for turning the HOV lane into light rail transit to the North Hills.

From the previously-held workshop sessions, over 300 projects were brainstormed or pulled from Pittsburgh neighborhood vision plans.  Some of the projects that rose to the top, such as a light rail/subway extension from Downtown to Oakland were good to see.  Others like turning 21st Street on the South Side into a greenway seemed like an excuse to shoehorn green technology into the City.

It's good to see Pittsburgh Planning being proactive in anticipating their needs and how to improve anticipated congestion all throughout the City.  Whether they can find the funding for the projects that they have in mind is another story.


  1. Hi! Do you have any additional information on other top prioritized projects? I can't seem to find anything on it, other than the list was released on Nov. 7th. Thanks!

  2. I don't have a complete list of the projects. Perhaps the best thing to do is call City Planning.