Sunday, September 25, 2011 bad about the Pirates

On July 23rd, DB~ and I were married. A few weeks earlier, Ben Roethlisberger and I got together for lunch and decided how to handle the media pressure on both of our weddings that day. Ben was a good man and stepped up and said he would bear the brunt of the media, allowing DB~ and I to have a paparazzi-free day.

The day we were married, the Pirates were 51-47, coming off a 9-1 loss to St. Louis that night. DB~ and I stayed downtown at a hotel that night and had a celebatory drink in the lobby with some in-town St. Louis fans. They were in their baseball jerseys and shorts. We were in a tux and full length wedding dress (as per DB~ --- if I'm paying all this money for it, I'm going to get some use out of it).

At that point in the season, all pistons were firing for the Pirates, especially the pitching. The hitters weren't all that hot, but Alex Presley was the sparkplug at the top of the lineup and the Pirates were getting just enough from a different person each night to win. Every pitcher was pitching well above their standards, especially Jeff Karstens, but you just wanted it to keep going.

After that night of July 23rd, the Pirates have gone 20-40, which is a .333 winning percentage -- which equates to a 54-108 record over a full season. That's very close to the Pirates 57-105 record they posted last year. Maybe after getting married, I somehow lost my laser-like focus on the Pirates and this resulted in the Pirates free fall into 5th place from 1st place.

Today is the final home game for the Pirates and DB~ and I will be in attendance. Sorry that our blessed union is apparently the cause for the Pirates slide. We'll try harder next year.

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