Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hey, Dad! The Food Truck is here!

While I was watching Food Truck Race 2 on Food Network tonight (salivating...eventually I had to raid the fridge), I was again frustrated by the lack of food trucks in Pittsburgh thanks to the red tape that you have to cut through to have a food truck.

Apparently you can't park for more than 1 hour in Pittsburgh and sell food, which kind of inhibits business. Normal, forward-thinking people would understand this, but Pittsburgh at times needs dragged out of the 1980's, let alone the year 2011.

Anywho, my revelation that I had was "Do you need to be downtown to have a successful food truck?" Could you use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and the like to announce that you were going to set up in a big industrial park like an RIDC in the suburbs? Could you go to a construction site in the suburbs?

Or even better...could you drive around a neighborhood during the day, like the ice cream man from your childhood, and sell tacos to adults?

So as I'm typing this, the final part of Food Truck Race for this week in Memphis is's the elimination ceremony. Tyler Florence announces that 1 of the teams cheated by adding $2700 of their own money to the cashbox without selling the corresponding food. It's the Korilla BBQ truck, my personal favorite truck and a front-runner to win it all. They had to slink off totally embarassed and they never even gave their side of the story...I guess nothing needed to be said.

The sad part is that they didn't even need to cheat. They weren't the lowest grossing team for this city. Kind of a sad end to a great team.

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