Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DBS' Top 30 2011 Pirate Prospects - #21 to #25

Yesterday we kicked this off with prospects numbered 26 to 30. Let's keep this rolling...

25. Nathan Adcock (23) RHP, AA -- Adcock came over with Brett Lorin and Aaron Pribanic in the Clement/Cedeno/Jack Wilson/Ian Snell swap meet. To date, Adcock has been the most successful of the three, although Pribanic seems to be on track to at least be a middle reliever. At this point, Adcock's average stuff (88-90 mph FB, curve, change) is playing well. His age of 23 during the 2011 season is in his favor and he should start off at Altoona. Adcock may be a back-end starter option in 2012/2013. Adcock pitched 141 IP, gave up 131 H, walked 38, and struck out 113. His groundout/airout rate was a healthy 1.42.

24. Josh Harrison (24) 2B/3B, AAA -- Harrison is the lone healthy man standing from the Tom Gorzellany trade. Both Kevin Hart and Jose Ascanio are injured and their futures are uncertain with the Pirates. Harrison has turned himself into a viable utility man option with the Pirates. This year in Altoona, Harrison had a line of .300/.345/.398 with 19 steals. Harrison doesn't walk a lot (roughly 6%), but he also doesn't strike out much (10%). I saw him twice in Altoona this year and the ball sounds louder when it comes off his bat than other players. His downside is that his defense is not very smooth, which precludes hopes he could be an everyday player.

23. Brock Holt (23) SS/2B, A+/AA -- Holt exploded out of the gate this year with a line of .351/.410/.438 before ripping his ACL in June. It really put a damper on what was an exciting start for him. Holt was already aggressively placed in High A in 2010, so there is a chance he has to start there in 2011. Hopefully he will get a mid-season promotion to AA.

22. Matt Hague (25) 1B, AAA -- Hague was part of the 2008 draft that netted Alvarez, Chase d'Arnaud, Jordy Mercer, Robbie Grossman, Quinton Miller and others. Hague has very quietly gone about his business and had a line of .295/.375/.442 in Altoona. Hague also has the reputation of being a solid defender at 1B. Hague had a near 1:1 ratio of BB/K (61 BB v. 62 K) this year, but the concern is that he won't have enough power to justify being a full time 1B. Hague had 15 HR's this year and 30 2B's. Perhaps at his best case Hague could be a JT Snow type of player, but is more likely to be a part-time player.

21. Matt Curry (22) 1B, A/A+ -- Curry was a 2010 draftee from TCU. He came out hot at State College, cooling a little at the end of the year, but still had a nice debut of .299/.421/.477 (898 OPS) with 7 HR in 197 AB's. His K/BB rates were great with a 20% BB rate and an acceptable 25% K rate. Curry may combine the best traits of the 1B-men in the system...Hague's patience, Aaron Baker's power, and Calvin Anderson's....well, Curry is pretty good. Unfortunately, he's kind of locked in the totem pole. Hague will be at AAA, Calvin will be at AA, Baker will be at A+. Unless they move one of them to the outfield or skip a level with someone, Curry may be stuck at Low A unless he's too good to keep there all year.

Tomorrow we'll keep on truckin' with #16-#20.

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