Thursday, November 18, 2010

DBS' Top 30 2011 Pirate Prospects - #16 to #20

After this post, we'll be halfway through the list. I probably pick this up on Sunday, as DB~ and I are taking a short getaway this weekend.

20. Mel Rojas (21) OF, A -- Rojas was a 2010 draftee that is said to be a complete toolshed, but very raw. He had an atrocious debut at State College this summer with a .207/.309/.250 (559 OPS) line in 164 AB's. Rojas struck out in over 25% of his at-bats. You'll see a lot of other sites that rank Rojas higher, but I'm a 60% performance/40% potential guy. Frankly, I'm surprised I don't have him lower.

19. Jorge Bishop (20) 2B/SS, SS/A -- Bishop is part of Huntington's initial International Draft class in 2008. He was, however, a very unheralded signing of roughly $25K. Bishop in the DSL in 2009 and GCL in 2010 tailed off at the end of each season. Long-term Bishop is a 2B, unless he bulks up too much. His 2010 GCL season line was .257/.305/.421 (726 OPS). He had 4 HR and 12 SB, while striking out less than 20% of the time. At the time of his signing, Bishop was 5'10" and 152 pounds, so hopefully he can grow a couple of inches and pack on some weight, which would help his ability to finish the season out. Bishop's is slightly older than the typical 2008 International, so it would be wise to push him to Low A.

18. Exicardo Cayonez (19) OF, A -- Cayonez is also part of the 2008 International Draft class and was a higher profile signing, as evidenced by his $400,000 bonus. This was the largest International bonus prior to Luis Heredia this year. Cayonez's strongest tool is the "hit" tool. In 2010 in the GCL, Cayonez went .263/.369/.362 (731 OPS) with a 10% BB rate and 20% K rate. The downside is that Cayonez does not have a lot of present power, with no HR and only 13 total XBH in 152 AB's. If Cayonez stays as a corner OF, he will need to develop that tool. As Cayonez's approach is a little more advanced, it would surprise me if he were NOT at Low A West Virginia to start the year.

17. Nick Kingham (19) RHP, SS -- Kingham was part of the 2010 Draft smorgasbord of RHP taken. Kingham has the kind of frame that leaves scouting directors drooling...6'5" and 220 pounds. This allows you to dream that his present-day low 90's FB will get into the mid 90's in a few years. Kingham only had 3 cameo innings at GCL, but Kingham will be placed in the State College tank like all of 2009 pitchers did this year. With the potential glut of pitchers at Low A this year, I expect the Pirates to keep Kingham at State College all year.

16. Eric Avila (21) 3B, A -- Avila was an older arrival to the States from the International side of things, but he had a great 2010 season (albeit as a 20 year old in the GCL). Avila's line of .277/.327/.472 (799 OPS) was highlighted by 7 HR's and 9 SB's, all while playing a competent hot corner. Due to his age, Avila needs to be bumped up to Low A to start 2011.

Halfway through and there's still a lot of interesting names to discuss.

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