Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cadillac Ranch - Stunningly Average

I went, DB~-less, to Cadillac Ranch with my parents and my nephew. It was his 16th birthday and we wanted to take him out for a dinner of his choice. After some hemming and hawing, he settled on this place.


I had read some online reviews that were less than flattering, so my expectations were set low to start. My dad and I had burgers and they were just OK.

My biggest pet peeve at restaurants? When the server doesn't write your order down when they take it. That's an invitation to getting your order screwed up. Instead of my kettle chips, I got fries. It then took an additional 15 minutes to get my chips...which by that time, I had finished my burger.

And after waiting all that time for the chips, they were bland and tasted like cardboard.

The place is so noisy you can't hear anyone at your table. The servers seem to be overworked with too many tables, as it took way too long to get drinks refilled.

Not even the lure of the mechanical bull will get me back here anytime soon.


  1. Sorry it wasn't good...even if there was a mechanical bull in view. Did anyone try it? I would have! :-) ~

  2. They don't start the bull rides until 9 pm. We left at 7:30. By then, we had our fill of the Ranch