Friday, November 13, 2009

DBS' Top 30 2010 Pirates Prospects - #6-10

Took the day off from work today and will be going away for the weekend with my girlfriend...perfect time to post some Prospects! Remember, the ages are their 2010 ages and the starting levels are presumed by me.

6. Chase D'Arnaud (23) SS/2B, AA -- D'Arnaud seems to be an "end justifies the means" kind of guy, in that scouts are never wowed by the tools, but love his approach and obviously his results. For me, I look at K/BB rates in the minors for hitters and D'Arnaud had a nearly 1:1 ratio. Coupled with playing both middle infield positions and having a lot of speed...he could be a perfect #2 hitter in 2011 for the Pirates.

7. Rudy Owens (22) LHP, A+/AA -- Unless you have a blazing fastball, all lefties get perjoratively labelled as a soft-tossing lefty. Owens works in the low 90's, plenty of juice for a lefty, with solid off-speed stuff. It was curious as to how the Pirates treated a possible mid-season promotion for him, though, as they really made him sweat for it. I hope they don't see something we don't.

8. Starling Marte (21) OF, A+ -- Marte could be very special, a real lottery ticket for the Pirates. He is one of the rarest of birds...a Latin prospect signed and developed under Dave Littlefield...even if Gayo signed him of course. Anyway, Marte showed 4 tools this year, with only power lacking. But his frame and build suggest that will develop too. It would not surprise me at all if he is considered for #1 on this list next year after the Top 3 graduate.

9. Ronald Uviedo (23) RHP, AA -- Over at OnlyBucs, I've been voting for him since #9...and we're on #19 now. Some of it is the question on whether he is a starter or reliever long term, but his year this year was too good to ignore. He did have an injury, but he came back to be a near-dominant closer for Lynchburg in the playoffs. Barring "flameout", the worst case for him is power set-up man.

10. Zach von Rosenberg (19) RHP, SS/A -- Just typing that out, you see why he is known simply as "ZVR". ZVR is the highest-end pitching prospect drafted by Huntington. He is 6'-5" with plenty of projection and 3 current avg to plus pitches as an 18 year old. He was signed away from going to LSU and should, conservatively, follow Quinton Miller's path in 2010, by getting a taste of short season and then going to Low A West Virginia. Capable of being the elusive #1 or #2 starter the Pirates lack.

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