Wednesday, November 11, 2009

...and here....we....go...

I've toyed around with the idea of starting my own blog for some time now, but decided just recently to just go ahead and give it a shot.

This blog spurred off of my posting on Only Bucs and getting comfortable sharing my thoughts in a forum that didn't resort to profanity and namecalling after 10 posts. But I've been holding back sometimes on my opinions, as to not dominate the board.

Also, my interests aren't just discussing the Pirates. I thought it would be interesting to have a blog with some varied topics on it.

I was thinking that 2/3 of the posts could be about sports, with 1/3 revolving around my love of cooking, some of the cities that I've visited, and my thoughts about my hometown of Pittsburgh. Those ratios are subject to change without further notice!

Even though this first post will be viewed by nobody but spambots, most likely, I hope that people come here and partake in the comments. I want an open forum where my posts are more like Conversation Starters rather than Gospel From On High.

Take off your e-shoes and stay awhile...welcome

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