Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bluebird Kitchen

In December, I was downtown getting some Christmas gift cards for my brother-in-law who works downtown.  I wanted to get him a variety of different places to eat while working downtown.  I was walking into Market Square and passed by an interesting looking place called the Bluebird Kitchen.  I went in and found an upscale deli that I thought he would like, so I bought him a gift card.

Fast forward to yesterday and I was downtown to give a presentation.  Originally I was going to go to Christos, but that's on the opposite side of the Golden Triangle from where I needed to be -- with the snow and wind I didn't feel like walking a lot.  DB~ suggested I go to Bluebird Kitchen.

Glad I did.  When you're in Bluebird, you feel like you could be in Brooklyn as it caters/attracts the "hipster" clientele.  Lots of skinny jeans and thick dark-rimmed glasses.  And those are on the guys.

But it's so worth it.  I ordered a Roasted Turkey Sandwich.  It had avocado, shallot-bacon jam, lettuce, and a slice of gouda on multi-grain bread.  I also got a side of brown rice with eggplant, sundried tomatoes, and broccoli.  Finished it off with a bottle of Root Beer.

The star of the sandwich was the shallot-bacon jam.  Bacon flavoring (you don't even need the whole piece of bacon) gives a different note to any dish.  The smoky depth of the bacon, combined with the always underrated shallot, made the turkey explode with flavor.  The brown rice with chopped roasted vegetables was OK...probably wouldn't get it again.  I probably should have ordered some soup instead.  There were many other sandwich choices that I would love to try in subsequent trips.

I had some time to kill so I sat at the counter overlooking Forbes while I ate.  I came up with a fun game to play called "Will this person come in Bluebird Kitchen?" based on some profiling due to the magnet-like nature of hipsters to this place.

Girl with dark glasses and a tweed skirt?  80% chance -- came in

Two guys with gelled and slicked back hair like Gordon Gekko from Wall Street?  5% chance -- looked at menu and passed by

Guy with scruffy beard and big woman-styled glasses?  115% chance -- came in...and went to work behind the counter

So does that make me a hipster?  Hardly, as I was wearing a full suit.  And no thick dark rimmed glasses.  But I do like trying trendy new places, so maybe I should get some skinny red jeans, grow a pencil thin mustache and change my glasses.  Or I can just continue to make fun of them.  

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  1. Haha! I can't see you as a hipster at all! Let's go there together soon!