Friday, February 1, 2013

Bubba's Burghers (misspell intentional)

It's always the live somewhere, life is the same and never changes.  Then you move away and something cool happens.  Case in point -- DB~ lived in Bridgeville for 7 years and I drove down to visit her for 2 of those years.  And then 1 year after she left (to live with me in blessed union and bliss), a decent restaurant opened up 2 minutes from her old place.

The place in question is Bubba's Burghers.  It's owned by that goofball radio personality -- Bubba -- so I was a little suspicious of the quality going into dinner last night.  Especially after reading online his bizzarely fashioned introduction on his menu.

It's tough to break into the burger discussion in Bridgeville with a heavyweight contender such as Sauce right up the street.  But let me say this....I think Bubba's has better burgers.  Sauce may have better sides and accoutrements, but they may take the silver medal for burgers.

DB~, in her ever-so-slow quest to shift to full vegetarian, went with a Fresh Burgher, but chose chicken instead of ground meat.  It was topped with a slab of fresh mozzarella cheese and balsamic soaked tomatoes.  Her burger (burgher -- ugh, I hate intentional misspellings, no matter if they are playing off of Pittsburgh) was served with a side of sweet potato fries and topped with their Mesquite salt rub.  DB~ found the spiced salt a little too much for her delicate (!) palette.

I went with the N'Awlins Burgher.  Am I a sucker for anything even remotely New Orleans related?  Probably.  But this was an excellent choice.  It had a Cajun spice rub, chipotle mayo, blue cheese, tomato, and lettuce, plus two strips of crisp bacon.  Mine came with regular fries with the spiced salt.  It was a touch too salty, as I was draining glasses of water.  The waitress said you can order them plain if you like.

The interior was a touch boring.  The walls were a deep red and golden yellow -- ketchup and mustard? -- but had very little interesting decorations on them aside from a couple of kitschy framed items.  As with most places I'm going lately, each entree seemed $1 or $2 too high (both of our burgers were $10.99), but perhaps I'm just getting old and crotchety.

In the end, I would definitely recommend Bubba's if you find yourself on Washington Pike outside Bridgeville.

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