Friday, August 17, 2012

Grilled Corn

Here in the heart of summertime, corn on the cob is plentiful.  It gets repetitive, though, to just boil it.  So tonight for dinner, I decided to try and grill the corn in the husk for the first time.

I peeled the husk back and removed the majority of the silk inside, but kept the husks on.  I brushed olive oil  on the corn and sprinkled some garlic salt on the corn.  After that I covered the corn back up with the husks and put them directly on the grill.

Approximately every 5 minutes, I rotated the corn after it started to char.  I grilled the corn for a total of 15 minutes and would probably do it for 20 minutes the next time I do it.  Once it came off the grill, we peeled off the husk and slathered some butter on each cob.

The corn had a crunchy "tight" taste to it.  Some of the kernels were charred and had a great smoky flavor.  While it was grilling, the aroma reminded me of going to a pumpkin patch in the fall.  That made me think of Soergel's and how that's right around the corner.

I had a strip steak on the grill and DB~ had an orange roughy fillet that I wrapped in aluminum foil on the grill.  DB~ made some fingerling potatoes as our starch.  It was a perfect night to grill out and sit out on the deck with some adult beverages.

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