Thursday, July 5, 2012

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Around these here parts, DB~ and I have delineated responsibilities during parties this way -- I'm Director of Food and she's Director of Ambiance. Typically for her, that means the right place settings, music, invitations, etc.

We decided to host a Fourth of July cookout for both sides of our families yesterday. DB~ had found and come up with a bunch of great ideas for things to make the event cool, but in doing so she blurred the lines between Ambiance and Food. Using her favorite website, Pinterest, DB~ found a how-to-make for this watermelon shark shown above.

It looked so cool, with the Swedish Fish tossed in its mouth looking like freshly chomped sea creatures and the blue paper to make it look like the shark is jumping out of the water, that we didn't have the heart to toss it after last night. So now it sits on our kitchen table, under plastic wrap, so we can admire her handiwork for a few more days.

Check out the attention to detail on those teeth! She even cut gills in to the side of the watermelon, plus put a blueberry on a toothpick to represent an eye. It was quite a conversation piece when people walked in to the party.

DB~ Says: While it made a total mess of the kitchen, I loved making this shark. I found the directions here. I'm thinking of one of these for our next party. Thoughts?

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