Sunday, June 17, 2012

Urban Dare 2012

Yesterday DB~ and I did the 2012 Pittsburgh Urban Dare.  This was our 3rd year in a row that we have done it.  In 2010, we finished 15th out of 85 teams and went from the North Shore into Pittsburgh and back.  In 2011, we finished 34th out of 270-some teams and the Dare took us from the South Side to Oakland and back.

This year there were again around 250-some teams and we finished 27th in a time of 2 hours and 6 minutes. We came into this Dare in perhaps the worst shape of our lives and had the modest (albeit perhaps unrealistic) goal of finishing in the top 15%.  With our 27th place finish, we accomplished that goal.  This year's Dare started on the North Shore at McFadden's and took us into Pittsburgh.  We then mapped out our route to get the clues on the North Side (Buhl Planetarium, Children's Museum, Heinz Field, Science Center, and Commons/Federal).

Both of us are feeling pretty sore today, but we're glad we did it.  There were piles of teams younger than us, with young toned girls in workout shorts and muscle shirts, guys all ripped up with muscles on top of muscles...but we were smarter than most of them.  We solved the clues quicker and planned out a tight route through Pittsburgh and the North Side.  We mostly speed walked it, with some intermittent jogging tossed in,  but I was proud of how we did.  The winners did the Dare in 1 hour and 31 minutes -- hats off to them.

Hopefully we can get in a little bit of better shape for a potential 2013 Urban Dare.


  1. We are awesome. Well, you are awesomer, but kind of a slave driver when I tried to walk... All part of the experience. Good work! ~

  2. "There were piles of teams younger than us, with young toned girls in workout shorts and muscle shirts..."

    You realize, of course, that this post is really pretty useless without pictures.


    I guess they started importing those after I left da 'Burgh? In my heyday the most "tone" I would have seen on many Pittsburgh fillies would have been the orange kind from fake tanning, or perhaps the change of tone from their dark roots to their bleach-fried tips.

    But congrats on the top 20 finish.

  3. Yeah, Pittsburgh isn't all babushkas (sp) and squat girls anymore. There's quite a large number of hot girls, plus an athletic competition on an 80 degree day is like getting on top of a mountain with a huge Viking horn and calling them to arms.

    I'm sure DB~ would have loved me snapping off secret pix of lasses as long as I could say, "'s for 5'ish!!"