Sunday, July 24, 2011

DB~ and the Blog Hibernation

Yesterday, DB~ and I tied the knot. It was a massive techno-geek-fest all day long. The wedding was shown live on UStream by one of DB~'s friends. It was a smaller type of reception, with only 85 people, and you had to find it by coordinates (we gave the address, but not the name, for those scared of GPS'es).

At the reception, the favors were geocoins for everyone. Even though we had a jazz trio, we still had DB~'s iPad to fill in when they were on break.

The best part was that as soon as the limo door closed at the church, DB~ updated her status on Facebook to "married".

As for the blog, this will be the last post for about 10 days while we honeymoon. But don't fret loyal reader(s)...we are going to Greece, which will supply ample material. And the Pirates are still in the thick of the race! August should be a good one at DBS.

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