Monday, May 23, 2011

Honey Mint Corn Meal-Crusted Shrimp

Last week I had a hankering for some shrimp and there was also some mint staring back at me from the fridge that was aching to wilt away, so it was time to get a little creative.

A couple of months ago, maybe for the Mardi Gras party we had, I needed to buy some corn meal for a recipe. I ended up being forced to buy a 5 lb bag and I needed maybe 1 cups worth. So I've been thinking of ways to use the yellow corn meal (I'm close to making my own tortillas, I think). Recently I bought some honey, as well, and short of putting it in tea for a sore throat I'm not liable to use it very frequently in cooking.

I decided to jam all these variables into the DBS Processor and see what shoots out. Typically when I coat a piece of chicken, I'll use an egg yolk or even some cornstarch. I decided to roll the shrimp around in the honey as the base.

Then I took the shrimp and sprinkled some finely chopped mint on them. The honey, of course, caused it to stick perfectly. Next I coated the shrimp in a blend of yellow corn meal and Penzey's Old World Spice (paprika and celery salt, primarily). A whole box of unopened Penzey spices have arrived at my house now that DB~ has moved in -- what she never used will be used anew!

I got some vegetable oil nice and hot in a skillet and fried the shrimp for 2-3 minutes a side. The shrimp were served with standard corn niblets and a rice/lentil mixture. Not too shabby, but not "restaurant quality" either.


  1. Interesting you chose the egg yolk/cornstarch option. I assumed that if you were to coat a chicken you'd opt for a nice blazer from Casual Male.

    (Or perhaps something from Joseph A. Bank's 1996 Fall Collection. That was a good year. I think they used real brass in the buttons that season.)

  2. Dale Berras StashMay 26, 2011 at 7:33 AM

    If I were taking my shrimp out on the town, I may have selected a nice sportcoat from Men's Wearhouse for them.

    But since they were just going in my CAKE CRUNCHER, we kept it casual.

  3. If you're cake is crunching, that's not cake you're eating.