Saturday, September 4, 2010

A 100 lb pig roast, 18 holes of golf, and a Greek food fest

I'll take "Three things that usually don't occur within 6 hours of each other, Alex, for $400."

For the past 3 or 4 years, the Friday before Labor Day has had the pleasure of 2 of my favorite events occuring on the same day. One is a really well put together golf outing at a great course north of Pittsburgh, with the highlight being a pig roast that follows it. The second is the night that my family goes down to the Holy Trinity Greek Church on the North Side to enjoy their Greek food fest.

This basically means that I have to activate a second stomach on this day, as there is a tremendous amount of great food consumed in a short period of time.

The golf was great, but long. The round took a shade over 5 hours, which is kind of standard for a golf outing with 2 group starting on most holes. As soon as we got back to the party tent, the skies opened up and the rain came down sideways. Most importantly, the 100 lb, 4 foot long pig (with stuffing inside and a Hawaiian lei for decoration) was safe from the rain and the heavy winds.

So at 4 pm, I had:
A generous helping of pig
A generous helping of stuffing
1 breaded chicken drumstick
1 helping of scalloped potatoes
1 bowl of fruit salad

I bid farewell to the large contigent of people I came with and drove home to pick up DB~ to head downtown (after getting a quick shower and change of clothes). We got to Holy Trinity at 6 pm and by 6:30 pm, I was dining on:
1 order of moussaka
1 order of spanokopita
1 order of rice pilaf

We all got dessert, but took it home with us (but not after a bunch of us split a baklava Blizzard from a Dairy Queen stand set up there).

Oh, and as always, the place was packed on a Friday at dinnertime. If you go, and I recommend you do, pick an off-peak time to go. When they start playing the Greek music inside, it gets really loud and is tough to talk. Plus, it's difficult to find a table during the dinner time on Friday and Saturday.

The Greek fest goes until Sunday, so check it out.

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