Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Strip District - the stomach of Pittsburgh

Oakland may be the brains of Pittsburgh, with the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University occupying real estate. The Golden Triangle may be the heart of Pittsburgh, with its mix of pulsating commerce pumping money and congested traffic clogging the roads like cholesterol in the arteries of our bodies.

But the Strip District is the stomach. The place where Pittsburgh gets the food that we eat in our homes and in restaurants all throughout the region. During the day, it is quite simply a foodie's dreamscape.

The area is evolving even further in recent years by taking on a more ethnic slant with new entries such as a Polish deli (S&D Deli), a Peruvian eatery (Chicken Latino), more Asian groceries with an emphasis on Vietnamese recently, and more Greek food stands outside.

DB~ and I took off last Friday to eat our way through the Strip District (well, she would watch me try, I guess...her appetite is small). Unfortunately, the best laid plans....have delicious ruinations at Pamela's for brunch. Even though I was too full to try something from each of the street side stands, we did agree to Eat Around The World for dinner.

We started with a Havarti from a Pennsylvania creamery, God's Country Creamery, that is repped locally by Pennsylvania Macaroni Company --- a must stop on any trip to the Strip. We then selected potato and cheese pierogies at the aforementioned S&D Deli, (we reheated the red pinto beans from the night before as a side), and then had two delicious Greek desserts. And the wine was from California!

The funniest line of the day was overheard by DB~. A man in his mid-20's, dressed in a Yankees jersey and a Yankees hat with a heavy Brooklyn accent (an aside - why do Yankee fans feel compelled to advertise their affiliations everywhere they go? We get like to root for the Devil) was on the phone with someone back in the Filthy Apple. He said "Yeah, I'm in Pittsburgh for the weekend. I'm in this one part that's just like Queens...yeah, they have all kinds of s&*t out on the street for sale!" So there you go. New York approved.

If you are bringing people to Pittsburgh for the first time, especially if they are out of towners, the Strip is a must do on a Friday or Saturday morning/afternoon. It's an electric atmosphere that brings out your hunter/gatherer instincts.

Skip Primanti's...try more fun foods and they'll remember it for longer.

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  1. Disagree. Try Primanti's. It's a legend. Plus, everything else is just as good at home! ~