Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A personal post (good news)

Every blog by nature is a personal, semi-narcissistic place to describe your thoughts. Heck, I started this so I could catalog how right and (more accurately) how wrong I would be about Pirate-related things.

I have always wanted my stories about travel destinations and restaurants to be more of travelogues or that you get the feeling that you were at the dining table with me.

But this post is solely about me, or more accurately, us. On Saturday, I proposed to DB~ and she said "yes". And then she turned beet red. And then punched me on the shoulder. All of which I predicted beforehand.

This blog is pretty much me shouting into cyberspace, as there are only a few readers at best. But I still want to say to DB~ that you made me the happiest man on Saturday and I'm glad we will be together.

I don't think a name change is in order...DB~ is still the perfect designation. But it will mean even more next year when we get married.

I'll resume crunching Pirate stats and ranting about white elephant shopping centers next post.

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  1. <3
    I'm glad we'll be together too! And, I don't think I said, "Yes," I think I said, "Of course I'll marry you!" (Although it all was a little bit blurry.)